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A Day at the Legislature


April 21, 2010, was a great day! Chamber Southwest Louisiana allowed Youth Action

YAF members in Baton Rouge.

Forum (YAF) members to be a part of lunch at the City Club and the shrimp boil.


The trip began with a simulation exercise for the YAF participants to do while en route to the capital. “Who wants the money?!?” simulated a nonprofit organization making a case for funding from a foundation. The participants were divided into three groups or “non-profit organizations.” Each group organized a case as to why they should be awarded “funding” for their program. Once at the Capitol, each group presented their case to a panel of representatives from a desired “funding source” (staff members accompanying youth). The students did an exceptional job of evaluating their budgets, reviewing the current status of their program, and expressing their ideas and

Groups receiving last minute advice before making their presentations in the simulation exercise.



The students enjoyed lunch at the City Club and listened to Gov. Bobby Jindal talk about the state's budget.


At the Capitol, the group had the opportunity to sit in on proceedings of the House and the Senate. This unique opportunity allowed the YAF members to see first-hand the procedure of how a bill becomes a law, as well as observe the fervor, preparation, and networking that goes into the decision making of our government.


The event was capped off with the true spirit of Louisiana—a shrimp boil at the Governor’s Mansion. Youth were encouraged to engage (and eat!) with elected officials and other dignitaries in attendance. The group did an exceptional job of meeting and greeting and also wowed the crowd with an on-the-spot rendition of “American Honey.” Great job ladies!  


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