Family & Youth E-Newsletter, Lake Charles, LA       May 2010


A Day at the Legislature, Cont'd


Sen. Willie Mount with YAF members at the Capitol.

YAF members participated in this event with exceptional performance and conduct, making it an enjoyable event for everyone involved.  Several members and their parents expressed their enthusiasm about this project and all they had encountered through YAF.


The goal of establishing a YAF is to engage youth from local high schools in career exploration and civic participation. Youth are chosen by an application process to participate in this special opportunity. Applications are selected based on overall grade point average, school clubs and activities, civic involvement and volunteerism. Each year an average of 25 students are chosen from local high schools to participate throughout the school year. The Leadership Center for Youth offers sessions to youth allowing them to explore different career options by meeting professionals in the fields of medicine, law, industry, public relations and media, banking/finance. Sessions culminated with this trip to Baton Rouge to experience the legislative process. 


Special thanks to Louisiana Disaster Recovery Fund, Chamber Southwest Louisiana, and Gulf Coast Funders for Equity for supporting this program.


For more information about YAF, a program of Family & Youth, call 337-436-9533 or visit


Gov. Jindal with YAF members at the City Club after his address.


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