Family & Youth E-Newsletter, Lake Charles, LA          October 2011


Helping Children Who are Hurting

by David Duplechian, Vice President, Advocacy


Remember that last new car you bought? It was unique, different. You had never seen another one in that color, or with those options. So you bought it, and the first day off the lot, you saw 5 more just like it. Because you had one, your awareness was heightened, and you now noticed the others that had been there all along.


Family & Youth recently announced the Shannon Cox Counseling Center, a place where grieving children can heal after the death of a loved one, and its establishment has in turn heightened our awareness of the many grieving children in our community who have in reality always been there. No where has this been more evident than in our Children’s Advocacy Center. In addition to providing forensic interviews for children who have been sexually and/or severely physically abused, the CAC also provides interviews for child witnesses to violence crimes. In 2010, our CAC interviewed 16 children who had witnessed violence. Through June 30 of 2011, we have interviewed 19 child witnesses. Perhaps most disturbing is that six of these children actually witnessed a parent killed as a result of domestic violence.


Family & Youth is an umbrella organization, in that we operate eight different programs under one management structure. One of the many advantages to this is the ready availability of a variety of services to clients in need. All families seen in the CAC are offered counseling, and because we provide that counseling on site, it is easily accessible. When an autistic child is seen in CAC, there is a ready made link to services through the Autism Support Alliance. With the Shannon Cox Counseling Center, children who have not only lost a parent, but also witnessed their death, are able to immediately step into the services they need to deal with their grief and loss.


These children have always been there. Through the support of those who established the Shannon Cox Counseling Center, and all those who support Family & Youth and the children and families we serve, the services they need are available as well.


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