Family & Youth E-Newsletter, Lake Charles, LA          October 2011


Visionary Philanthropy: A Gift from the Heart

Since 1970, Family & Youth Counseling Agency (Family & Youth) has offered innovative, relevant and community supported services to children and families in Southwest Louisiana thanks to the support of local philanthropists. Early this year, John and Ginny Henning made a strategic and visionary investment to begin the establishment of a best practice model to aid children who have lost a significant person in their lives and to support a positive and healthy recovery. More.


Helping Children Who are Hurting

Remember that last new car you bought? It was unique, different. You had never seen another one in that color, or with those options. So you bought it, and the first day off the lot, you saw 5 more just like it. Because you had one, your awareness was heightened, and you now noticed the others that had been there all along. More.


Work Thoughts: What Makes Us Strong?

Ask people what they are really good at doing, and many like to quip, “I can tell you what I’m not good at!” Even though not knowing is more common than knowing, it doesn’t change the fact that success in the knowledge economy requires legitimate self-understanding. To build a strong life, knowing one’s talents and strengths is essential. More.


33rd Annual Shine Flournoy Golf Tournament Benefited Children’s Advocacy Center


Family & Youth Festival 2011


Shannon Cox Memorial Tennis Tournament


Making a Difference

Everyone can make a difference. We can all make a difference through our various efforts. We as individuals have an impact on others even when we do not realize it. Our attitude toward our responsibilities and our interaction with others can affect the very nature of how people feel about themselves, and their community. Everyone has skills and resources, and those skills and resources can make a difference through our efforts, initiatives and involvement in the community. More.


Family Foundation Endowments




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