Family & Youth Anger Management Program in Lake Charles

The Family & Youth Anger Management Program in Lake Charles is comprised of eight sessions. This includes two individual sessions and six group sessions. For the first session, the client meets with the counselor for an initial assessment. During the assessment session, the client is evaluated to see if he/she meets the qualifications for the group sessions. He or she will be informed about the group requirements for attendance, participation, and confidentiality. The final aspect of the initial assessment is the completion of a pre-test to assess the client’s current understanding of anger.

The individual sessions are scheduled at the client’s convenience during normal agency hours. The six group sessions are open format and clients may start on any group session except Session 6 once the initial individual session has been completed. All group sessions are on Tuesdays from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Clients must attend each of the group sessions to receive credit for completing Anger Management. The following is a list and description of the six group sessions:

#1 –Understanding Anger
The differences between anger and primary emotions are discussed. Clients will learn how to recognize anger quickly and then how to process the trigger or problem that the anger is pointing to.

#2 –Six Main Reasons People Stay Angry/ Normal Anger vs. Problem Anger
Power, control and fear are common reasons that people become aggressive with their anger. Just as people learn unhealthy ways of responding when angry, they can learn new, healthy ways to respond that will strengthen relationships. Clients will learn the difference between anger that is expressed in healthy ways and anger expressed in unhealthy ways.

#3 –Thoughts, Feelings, Actions/Irrational belief system
Emotions are directly tied into a person’s thought process. Having unrealistic thoughts or expectations of self and others can trigger anger. Clients will learn how to recognize and counter the unrealistic thoughts and replace them with healthier thoughts.

#4 –Partners of Angry People/Fair Fighting Rules
Conflict is a part of relationships. Often times however, clients learn unhealthy or aggressive ways to deal with conflict that can hinder relationships. Clients will be taught healthy ways to respond when conflict arises. Basic ground rules of relational conflict will be discussed.

#5 – Conflict Resolution/ Creating Win Win situations/ Perfection vs. Discovery
Clients will learn how to have conflict in healthy ways that work to build intimacy in relationships. This involves compromise and choosing when it is healthy to engage in conflict. Some conflict can be avoided altogether.

#6 – Forgiveness
Resentment and unforgiveness towards others can create feelings of bitterness and trigger anger in people. Learning to forgive can help a person free themselves from the sabotaging behaviors that stem from unforgiveness. Clients will learn that forgiveness is a choice and can free them from the painful memories in order to live more peaceful and fulfilling lives.

 The final session is an individual session in which the counselor and client discuss specific areas of application of the newly learned information. The client will then complete a post-test and a course evaluation.

This program is not a video series. It is an educational process that includes the use of group discussion and interaction among participants.

The total cost of the program is $250. The private sessions are $50.00 each (2) and the group sessions are $25.00 each (6). If a couple is attending the program together there is only one charge of $250 for the couple.

 For more information or to enroll in the Anger Management Program at Family & Youth, please call Family & Youth at (337) 436-9533 or email [email protected].