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Autism Support Alliance: Discovering Possibilities

“If you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism.”
-Dr. Stephen Shore, Ed.D.

Autism Support Alliance offers opportunities to persons who want to enjoy positive experiences in verbal and nonverbal communication, problem solving, expressing emotions, and engaging in mindful social interactions. Small group sessions give individuals the opportunity to interact more effectively with others.

Participants gain enhanced social skills through the use of one-on-one instruction, experiential activities, and dynamic group experiences. Autism Support Alliance professionals believe that every individual achieves his or her fullest potential when appropriate resources are available to willing participants, thus encouraging a better quality of life for all. Services available include:

• Education & Support
• Social Learning
• Family Resources
• Parent Education
• Interactive Workshops
• Community Awareness

  • For more information about the Autism Support Alliance please contact:

    220 Louie Street | Lake Charles, LA 70601
    337 436-9533 | [email protected]

  • Program provided in partnership with

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Family & Youth has a long history of developing specialized programs to meet the community’s needs. It strives to be abreast of changing dynamics in the community to be able to address important issues.

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