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Calcasieu Parish District Attorney’s Office
Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office
Family & Youth Counseling Agency


City of Lake Charles
Marriner, Ben & Molly
McDonald’s of Lake Charles






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    Barbe, Louie D. III
    Browning, E. T.
    Camara, Shawn & Roxanne
    Choucino, Dr. Carlos & Cloty
    Earhart, Phil & Lucie
    Generous Donors
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    Kamla, Roger & Jean
    Langley Williams & Company

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    Maust, Dr. Jay & Jules
    Meyer & Associates

    Mount, Betty
    Pawlowski, Russell & Michelle
    Pelican Foundation
    Reinauer Real Estate Corporation
    Steward, James
    Trouille, Fr. Alan
    Versa Integrity Group
    Whitney Bank



  • Andersen, Kerry
    Barilleaux, Ann
    Chatters, Dr. Rachel
    Childress, Ron & Patricia
    Forsyth, Dr. Bradley & Jessica
    Guerrero, Chris & Lisa
    Guillory, Caitlin
    Harrell, Karen

  • Jones, Lynn, Clerk of Court
    Nyberg, Rick & Amy
    Raley, Scott & Ellen
    Rau Financial Group
    Shaddock, Wade & Missy
    Shrewsberry, Cynthia
    Truax, Tammy