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One Voice for Children and Families of Southwest Louisiana

Children & Families Action Network provides leadership in advocacy education for nonprofit organizations and young people.

Children & Families Action Network, a division of Family & Youth, exists to promote mission-based advocacy for the purpose of increasing civic engagement and participation to effect changes in public policy on behalf of children, families, and communities. Participation in Children & Families Action Network (CFAN) can result in increased engagement by nonprofit leaders and volunteers in mission-based advocacy and values-driven public policy goals; strengthened capacity to develop local funding strategies to support mission-based advocacy; and implementation of peer-based support of values-driven advocacy through shared advocacy work and organizing clients to implement grass-roots advocacy.

CFAN provides its members with information about:

    • local, state, and national children/family issues
    • training to help organizations building mission-based advocacy teams
    • opportunities to network with others
    • tools needed to change public policy on behalf of children and families

CFAN has identified four impact areas to address:

    1. Child Abuse Prevention
    2. Education
    3. Coastal Restoration
    4. Access to Health Care

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Access to Health Care

Child Abuse Prevention

Civic Engagement Institutes

« Youth Civic Engagement Training Institute, 2014-2015

« Youth Civic Engagement Training Institute, 2013-2014

« Youth Civic Engagement Training Institute, 2012-2013

« Youth Civic Engagement Training Institute, 2011-2012

« Youth Civic Engagement Training Institute, November 2010

« Youth Civic Engagement Training Institute, March 2010

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Coastal Restoration Protection


Tools & Links

  • For more information about CFAN please contact:

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    337-436-9533 | [email protected]

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Family & Youth has a long history of developing specialized programs to meet the community’s needs. It strives to be abreast of changing dynamics in the community to be able to address important issues.

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