Philanthropy is the act of individual citizens contributing money or goods, along with their time and skills, to promote the well-being of others and the betterment of the community. The Family Foundation promotes philanthropic activities, primarily in Southwest Louisiana, and works to connect donors, philanthropic organization, foundations, and corporations to community priorities that will enhance the quality of family and community life for generations to come.

In addition to developing an endowment to sustain the divisions of Family & Youth, the Family Foundation

  • Promotes development of local philanthropy.
  • Assists nonprofits in developing their fund development programs.
  • Promotes accountable fund development practices.
  • Encourages public recognition of philanthropies and philanthropists in Southwest Louisiana.

Philanthropy is the act of individual citizens contributing money or goods, along with their time and skills to promote the well being of others and the betterment of the community in which they live. Since 2003, The Family Foundation of Southwest Louisiana has been recognizing outstanding citizens in our community who consistently give of their time, talent and treasure for the betterment of Southwest Louisiana. To see more about this year’s recipients click here.

2015 Philanthropists
Doug and Gay Gehrig | Dr. Stuart & Blanche Landry | G2X Energy

2014 Philanthropists
Jim & Jean Evans | Rick & Donna Richard | Delta Downs Racetrack Casino & Hotel

2013 Philanthropists
First Federal Bank | Phil and DeWanna Tarver | Christine Perry

2012 Philanthropists
Mike and Martha Holleman | 
Mallard Cove Men’s Golf Assoc. | 
John & Ginny Henning

2011 Philanthropists
Kay Barnett | 
Glen Bonin | Chennault International Airport Authority

2010 Philanthropist
Nicholas E. Hunter
 | Chin Liang, Ph.D. | 

2009 Philanthropist
Philip C. Earhart | 
John F. Stelly
 | Larry Lepinski, for L’Auberge du Lac Casino Resort

2008 Philanthropists
Tim Broussard | Dr. Carlos Choucino | Janet Stoma | 
Willie Tempton, Jr., for Conoco Phillips

2007 Philanthropists
Sam and Denise Hebert | Stella Miller | Thomas J. Morris | 
Roy M. Raftery, Jr., for Cameron State Bank

2006 Philanthropists
Bob Chandler | Carol Collins | Jack Drouilhet | 
Linda Wranosky

2005 Philanthropists
Faye Barnhart | 
Frances Harless | 
Evangeline Ordinario 
| Shady Patton 
| Ted Shelton

2004 Philanthropists
Kevin Morris | 
Barbara Bankens | 
Ada B. Vincent | 
William L. Henning, Sr. | Billy Navarre

2003 Philanthropists
Poddy Champeaux | Richard Churchman | Karen Duhon | Julie Gani | 
James Guillet | 
Jamie Johnson | Maggie Kunzweiler | Joe T. Miller, Sr. | 
Walt Sanchez | Tom Shearman | 
Dennis & Mary Thibodeaux


Nonprofit organizations play a key role in improving and maintaining the quality of life in communities. They provide important services, such as meeting critical needs of families in distress, responding in times of need, providing job training, feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless and displaced and much more. Nonprofit organizations are consistently on the front lines, providing immediate services in the wake of tragedy and disaster and sticking around long after public interest has waned.

The Family Foundation of Southwest Louisiana supports leadership development in the nonprofit sector. Developing excellence in nonprofit organizations promotes honesty, integrity, fairness, respect, trust, responsibility and accountability.

The Family Foundation assists nonprofit organizations with information, training and education in key organizational areas, including:

  • Mission-Driven Programming
  • Active Governance
  • Ethical Performance
  • Leadership and Human Resources Development
  • Transparent Financial Practices
  • Strategic Fund Development
  • Inclusive Civic Participation in Public Policy

Presented in partnership with The Junior League of Lake Charles.