To download the PDF of the flyer for the Parenting Education Workshops Click Here.

Parent Education Workshops encourage parents to take additional measures to educate themselves on the science of parenting, and to learn from professionals what methods and approaches are most suitable for the development of their children. Parenting is an area in which there are no set instructions or manuals to direct parents on how to correctly rear their children, especially when a child has been diagnosed with autism or experienced social deficiencies. There is no magical formula that will make the perfect guide. At Family & Youth, we feel that everyone can attain a fulfilling and happy life when the appropriate services are available. That’s why we invite you to attend our bimonthly, experiential workshops to learn more about what to expect; and how to adapt to the news of any of these increasingly common parenting challenges.

The workshops will provide parents with:

  • A safe setting to ask questions and gain resources from professionals.
  • Guidance and support to transform the challenges of raising children into opportunities for growth.
  • Tools to make positive and realistic changes in their family’s daily routine to gain greater happiness in their home.
  • Skills to become the best parent possible.
  • Increased understanding about the different parenting styles to help them feel more confident and in control.
  • Opportunities to meet other parents in the same walk of life.