Preventing Child Abuse

Everyday Tips for Preventing Child Abuse

Support families with children
Be a friend for new parents, single moms, special needs families – baby sit, visit, cook meals, etc.
Donate clothes, toys, furniture, etc., directly to families with children to relieve financial burdens
Encourage good parenting when you see it.
Be a friend to a child – remember names, smile, talk to them, note something special about each one.
Help parents “catch” their child being good.
Volunteer – be a lunch buddy, a big brother, a coach, scout leader, or CASA.
Support child friendly legislation – hold elected officials accountable.
React to Child Abuse in Public Places:
•    Talk to the adult. Offer to help. Say things to distract from the situation, such as “Children can be trying,” or “She has beautiful eyes.”
•    Talk to the child.
•    Praise the parent and child – avoid negative remarks or looks.
Report child abuse – 1-855-4LA-KIDS (1-855-452-5437) or contact your local law enforcement.

Civic Clubs host foster parents or child welfare workers.
Schedule Child Abuse Awareness Presentations.

Fortune magazine each year publishes a survey of “Most Admired Corporations.” In that survey “Corporate Citizenship” is ranked with “Financial Soundness” and “Quality of Management” as a significant factor in establishing a company’s public credibility.
Schedule Child Abuse Awareness Presentations for employees (how can you keep your kids safe).
Family Friendly Employment Practices, such as:
•    Family Leave Benefits – paid or unpaid leave for fathers with new born children, adoptive parents, during holidays, for school activities. Time off for volunteering.
•    Flex Time.
•    Employee Support – EAP’s, scholarships and education assistance, child care services or vouchers, recreational activities for families.
Principles of Excellence in Corporate Community Service – Points of Light Foundation