Family & Youth Counseling Agency (Family & Youth), an award winning organization, was established as a nonprofit organization in 1970 to provide affordable and professional family services to people in Southwest Louisiana. It is the belief of Family & Youth that all individuals possess the ability to solve their own challenges and live full and healthy lives when support is available. It is the mission of Family & Youth to provide affordable and professional support through programs and services dedicated to advocacy, counseling and education for the people of Southwest Louisiana. Our effort and commitment to building family values will guarantee a stable and stronger community.

  • Licensed by the State of Louisiana
  • A United Way Agency
  • Received Quality Council’s Highest Achievement Award
  • Certified by the Standards for Excellence Institute in Maryland
  • Agency of the Year and a member of the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities
  • Member of the Autism Society of America
  • Member of the International EAP Association
  • Member of the National Counselor Association

2018 Board of Directors

Chair, Mark Hanudel
Vice Chair, William “Owen” Thompson
Secretary, Nora Popillion
Treasurer, Caitlin Guillory

  • Joey Alcede
    Kerry Andersen
    Jeff Brightwell
    Donald Brinkman

    E.T. Browning
    Dr. Rachel Chatters
    Lisa Guerrero

  • Gustavo Gutierrez
    Michael Hankins
    Leslie Harless

    Karen Harrell
    Jennifer Istre
    Lynn Jones
    Emily McDaniel

  • Caitlin Morris
    Paul Pettefer
    Randy Roach

    Gene Steech
    James Steward
    Fr. Alan Trouille
    Tammy Truax

President & CEO, Julio R. Galan
Legal Counsel, Stephen Berniard

2016 Audit
2016 990
Family & Youth 2017 Annual Report